Your Guide To The Best Skincare Products in Canada

Your Guide To The Best Skincare Products in Canada


Finding the best organic skincare products right here in Canada is no easy task. That’s partly what inspired us to start LocalBoom straight out of Vancouver.

We believe that as consumers, we all have the power to make real change in our communities through what we buy for our home and our skin.

We focus on oftentimes overlooked local and Canadian brands. When you shop, we donate to local community organizations that need our support. We also believe that all Canadians should have affordable access to Canadian products, so all orders over $50 ship free.


Why Go Natural?


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Clean and natural skincare products are free of harmful toxins. Since brands can use various terms -- including natural skincare, clean beauty, organic skincare, and more - you have to closely read each item’s ingredients to trust what you’re putting on your skin.

We’re here to save you that step since we carefully vet all of the skincare products and brands. Read on to discover some of the best natural skin care products and brands that you can find here in Canada.


Wilde Jasmine Natural Apothecary


Wilde Jasmine Natural Apothecary is a Canadian skincare brand with a mission to provide high-quality yet affordable non-toxic skincare alternatives suitable for all skin types and budgets. What’s amazing about this skincare brand is that many of the ingredients and botanicals used are sourced from the owner’s parent’s market farm in Lister, BC.

We love their Tea Tree Shampoo Bar. This shampoo bar, designed for those who suffer from dry hair or dry scalps, is formulated with natural plant oils, butters, botanicals, and pure essential oils that help to nourish your hair and scalp.


tree tea soap bar

Another favorite of ours is their Calendula Salve. This salve, made in Vancouver, is an effective moisturizer for dry and chapped skin. Calendula is a powerful herb known for its healing and soothing properties. Wilde Jasmine Natural Apothecary made this salve by infusing sun-dried calendula, grown naturally on a Canadian farm, in extra virgin olive oil for six weeks. After that cold infusion method, they added locally sourced beeswax, Vitamin E, and lavender essential oil.


Bare Skin Bar


Bare Skin Bar is a Canadian-based natural skincare company founded by Cynthia Cyr in her Vancouver condo. Bare Skin Bar’s line of simple and effective self-care treats are designed to make you feel good and look amazing, too. 

All of their products are formulated using raw materials such as clays, natural butters, and essential oils, making them all vegan and gluten-free. Bare Skin Bar’s skincare line is PETA cruelty-free certified, and they actively work to re-evaluate materials used to ensure they are reducing their carbon footprint.

Bare Skin Bar’s Hydration Boost Facial Crème is perfect for your face, neck, and décolleté. This medium-weight formula is packed with antioxidants that help promote cell turnover and brighten dull skin. You can use this crème day or night and it’s gentle enough for all skin types. Key ingredients include aloe vera, berry extracts, and sunflower seed oil.


hydration boost facial creme


We also love Bare Skin Bar’s Repairing Butter Balm. This all-natural vegan repair balm uses a blend of oils and butters to nourish and moisturize the skin. Key ingredients include grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, and mango butter.


K’Pure Naturals


K’Pure Naturals is a natural skincare brand founded in Vancouver by Karen Johnson. Johnson claims that K’Pure Naturals happened by accident. While at an appointment for her newborn son, she was shocked to find out he had abnormally high levels of aluminum and plastics in his system. Considering she breastfed her son, she had no idea how this was possible.

Johnson soon found the culprit in her very own beauty cabinet. Her aluminum loaded deodorant and multiple lotions with plastics were making their way into her breast milk. As she said, “what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body!”

After years of research, Johnson perfected her recipes and shared them with friends, and eventually the world through K’Pure Naturals.


essential oil spray k'pure naturals

As a mom of four kids, Johnson aptly named her calming essential oil spray Settle Down. This calming spray can be used on your face, pillow, or your body. It is a great addition to your entire family’s bedtime routine, with added witch hazel and coconut oil to also act as a hydrating facial toner. Mothers everywhere know the value of a product that multitasks!

At the end of the long day, the last thing you want to do is take off a face of makeup. A non-toxic oil cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover is a must for your natural skincare routine. We love K’Pure Natural’s Clean State Oil Cleanser and Makeup Remover, which cleanses without stripping skin of precious moisture and hydration while also gently removing makeup - even that stubborn waterproof mascara! We love its fresh and uplifting scent of Blue Tansy, Neroli and Lime pure essential oils.


OLGA Designs Skincare


OLGA Designs Skincare is yet another Canadian skincare brand we can’t get enough of.

Each OLGA product is thoughtfully crafted with botanicals and earth-based nutrients to nourish skin and inspire an organic self-care routine. All products are produced in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced here in Canada, with environmentally sustainable ingredients. No animals were used in testing these products OLGA claims their products are “human tested by happy humans whose feedback allows us to improve.”

The 5 Roses Face Cream is a lightweight natural anti-aging cream made with natural alpha-hydroxy fruit acids, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, botanical extracts, and nourishing oils. These powerful ingredients work together to hydrate, smooth, and revitalize the complexion. A little goes a long way with this cream that comes in gorgeously minimal and feminine packaging.

We can’t get enough of OLGA’s Pink Earth Clay Mask & Botanical Exfoliant. This mask hydrates and exfoliates, made with clays and botanicals that help to smooth and renew the complexion. While this product is suitable for all skin types, it’s most useful for those with dry, sensitive, and mature skin.

We hope this round-up of natural skincare brands in Canada was helpful to you! If we listed every brand available in our Canadian shop, you’d be scrolling for hours. You can shop these items and many more of the best natural Canadian skincare brands right here on LocalBoom.


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