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I'm Karen Johnson, the creator of K'pure Naturals.  This business kind of happened by accident. When my youngest son (I have 3 boys and a girl) was a newborn, I found out at our naturopath appointment that he had abnormally high levels of aluminum and plastics in his system. I was shocked and confused. He was breastfed, how was this possible??

Turns out, my deodorant was loaded with aluminum and my lotions with plastics, which were making their way into my breast milk. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body! This is where my quest for natural skin and body care started. I researched deodorant recipes and after five years of trial and error, that recipe has been perfected.

As a personal trainer and Bootcamp instructor, I had the ideal platform to test my products. After giving the deodorant to my friends and clients to try, I couldn't make it fast enough! And it quickly turned into a business, adding the rest of our great products along the way. 

Each product is made with the strictest attention to quality control and detail.  As a busy mom of four young kids, feeling confident about what I put in and on our bodies is super important to me, and I hope that I can help make those decisions easier for you and your family too!

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