Collection: Lavigne Natural Skincare

This started in 2002 when the founder of Lavigne Natural Skincare lived in Mexico and was immersed in the culture. Here she learned about the amazing “skin tree” ingredient, Tepezcohuite (don’t worry, we have trouble pronouncing it too, it’s pronounced tep-ez-co-heety).

This inspired her natural skincare line you see today and their first product, Mayan Magic, which is still the core product of our company (and our best seller too). She could see the magic (pun intended) that this powerful balm has and continues to this day to inspire our whole skincare line. 

Tepezcohuite is the core of our skincare line. It originates from the Mayan culture, where it is known as the “skin tree.” It’s renowned for cell regeneration and is used extensively for burns, rashes, Psoriasis, and Eczema, protecting and beautifying the skin. It was even used by the Red Cross in 1984 to treat burn patients after an awful gas explosion in Mexico City. This is why we knew that we needed the right chemist to understand our vision of an all-natural skincare line with zero compromises and without any toxic ingredients and synthetic fragrances.

Wanna know something a-MAZ-ing? It’s even sustainably sourced as no trees are cut down. Go planet!