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Bath Bombs & Other Essential self-Care Gifts

Bath Bombs Canada

Bath bombs from Canada can be a perfect gift for those who love relaxation, self-care and a scented atmosphere. Including Canadian bath bombs as part of a gift set or simply for yourself can make a world of difference. They are a perfect stocking filler or a great item to buy oneself when the time is right. 

Self-care packages allow you to experience the same levels of comfort and care that you would experience during a special spa day, but buying your own will give you the added comfort of having them at arm’s reach. 

There are a plethora of organic Canadian made products that can accompany bath bombs, we have picked out some of the best below. Add these to a care package or pick them up for yourself. 

But first, let us delve in what makes Canada made bath bombs the best.

What are bath bombs?


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Handcrafted Canadian Bath bombs are a combination of relaxing oils, salts and fragrances that ignite the body and soul and rejuvenate even the most stressed and tired skin. Compacted into beautiful designs and colours, bath bombs dissolve in warm waters to add extra splendour to your bath.

Bath bomb ingredients stay suspended in the water to exfoliate, moisten and energise your body. 

Lush bath bombs were the original incarnation of bath bombs, but the art and essence of bath bombs have expanded. Canadian bath bombs are specially crafted to include only natural ingredients from Canada. Those stocked at Local boom are handcrafted and include a fusion of ingredients to appeal to all persuasions and needs.


How to use organic bath bombs

For the uninitiated or those who have only discovered the benefits of bath bombs, there are a few simple steps you must take.


  • Choose a bath bomb with the bath bomb ingredients that you find the most appealing or purchase several different ones from our store so you can try them all.



  • Now comes the best part, making bath bombs dissolve and creating your perfect getaway. Simply place the bath bomb into the water, let the bath bomb ingredients dissolve for a few moments.


  • Enter and enjoy.


Bath bomb ingredients


Making bath bombs is a process of finding the right combination of oils, salts and fragrances to combine with bicarbonate and weak acids, resulting in a perfectly eco-friendly Canadian product. The Bicarbonate and acids create the fizz, while the added ingredients are what make your bath so enjoyable. Here is just a glimpse at the variety of the best bath bombs you can choose from.


  • Earl grey bath bombs include moisturizing butter and oils with a hint of vanilla and bergamot for that perfect fragrance.


  • The Sea Salt and Coconut oil bath bomb is a particular favourite as it helps to draw toxins from your body. We find this to be one of the best bath products for sensitive skin.


  • Or you could try a combination of Hemp seed oil and Spirulina, specially handcrafted by Bare to uplift your skin and tantalise your senses. This is one of the most popular hemp bath bombs, Canada has to offer.


We choose Canadian made products from trusted suppliers ensuring the best skincare products. Our bath bombs are eco-friendly, the ingredients are locally sourced, the process of making bath bombs is all done inhouse by our suppliers and in that way, we can ensure we have the best Canadian products on the market.


Our top picks for organic bath bombs Canada


Filling a bath can sometimes seem a chore, especially after a stressful day, but they are a great opportunity to relax and take some time for yourself. Bath bombs provide a way to make your bathing time something you look forward to. You can choose bath bombs to target specific needs and here is our pick for some of the most common ailments.


Best bath bombs for Eczema


Although all organic bath bombs have helpful affects for Eczema, we find Lambs Rosewood vanilla bath bomb to be particularly popular. The Australia clay adds an extra cream lather to settle sensitive skin.


Bath bombs for athletes


All bath bombs should provide a bath soak for sore muscles no matter your athletic ability, however, the Rose clay bath bomb from Bare nourishes your skin while relieving your muscles from aches and pains. A blend of lavender and sweet orange will not only lift your sense but provide all muscle and skin types with comfort.


Best bath products for sensitive skin


It is easy to dismiss the qualities of bath bombs until you have tried them. We suggest you purchase a bath box Canada so you can try a variety of bath products for sensitive skin that help relax skin and muscles and provide comfort to yourself and those close to you.

Accompanying organic bath products Canada


If you would like to purchase other Canadian made products that add to and complement your Canadian bath bombs, then perhaps you would also like to look at a pick of some of the best organic beauty products and natural skin care products we have. These would add to an already perfect gift or they could be purchased individually.


Lines of Elan craft and supply natural beauty products for your body and hair that would perfectly complement your home spa treatment. All organic and eco-friendly, their shampoo and conditioner range offer a blend of oils free of chemicals and additives. This will allow your hair to glow after your bath.


lines of elan


Now that your hair is taken care of it important to wash your body with the best skin care products. Natural soap will clean your body, enlighten your skin and create a perfect lather for you to soak in. Pep Soap natural soap is chemical-free, all the fragrance will enhance that of your bath bomb, and they will work wonders on your skin.

pep soap canadian made products

As mentioned earlier, the perfect bath must be accompanied by the perfect aroma which can be found with scented candles, You me Candles come in a variety of sizes and scents. Light these before or after your bath, providing an aroma to carry you long after the bath is finished.


candles made in canada

Designed for that special lady in mind, Eaune creams and oils are the perfect aftercare gift the lift your senses, providing a glow for any occasion, whether it’s a night on the town or an evening in front of the tv. Created specifically to fight wrinkles and ageing skin, applying these products after your bath is a perfect way to protect your skin.

Eaune cream canada

If you are not complete already then Somerset Moss essential skincare cream and bundles will complete the package. A combination of the Canadian wilderness and English charm, these creams are a perfect natural cleanser.

somerset moss skincare canada


A final note on some of the best bath products in Canada


Have your home smelling wonderful, your skin feeling soft and your energy and senses at full capacity. Choose the best Empson salt bath soak or cream body & bath washes that you wish you didn’t have to leave

If you a looking at these items for someone else, don’t fret and rest assured that they will love them. Local Boom provides free shipping for its bath bomb products throughout Canada and we offer the best bath bomb prices in Canada.

Our products are natural, eco-friendly and produced in Canada, we aim to showcase the best Canadian natural beauty products and brands. 


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