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Sweet Monk Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener

liquid monk fruit sweetener


Monk Fruit Sweetener is not a new product, but if you haven’t tried it yet you are missing out on one of the best sweeteners on the market. 

Buy SweetMonk (Monk Fruit Sweetener) at LocalBoom for the best pricing. It is harvested from the Monk Fruit that is native to southern China. The fruit is shipped into Canada and processed to be made into the liquid sweetener that is oh so sweet! Sweet Monk is 100% monk fruit with no additives.

It is the perfect sweetener for diabetics, keto diets, or those just looking to reduce sugar without the gross after taste of some of the other sweeteners out there.

SweetMonk Sweetener is great for coffee & teas but can also be used in baking, in smoothies, or even making homemade ice cream!

It comes in a compact easy to dispense container that is travel friendly. Recently the new flavour of French Vanilla by Sweet Monk was introduced and is super tasty!

french vanilla monk fruit sweetener

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