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Best Beard Oils Canada

Beard oils and balms are an essential part of keeping your facial hair groomed, healthy, soft, and growing.

The best beard oils in Canada can be found at LocalBoom in Vancouver, BC

You may be wondering if you even need a beard oil or why should you use a beard oil? Well the easy answer to that is yes and for many beneficial reasons as we will outline below.

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Beard oils help soften your facial hair which makes your beard look more presentable and helps in the kissing/intimate department! No one wants to kiss a prickly face.  They also nourish the hair itself and the follicle to help your beard grow faster and thicker. Beard oils are also full of vital ingredients that are great for your skin underneath. Just because the hair is covering most of face, you still need to look after the skin underneath.

The best beard oil for growth is by Nuez Acres. It is a pecan oil which is high in nutrients and amino acids that increase blood flow which nourishes the root and skin underneath. The Nuez Acres beard oil also has the added benefits of Jojoba Oil and Tuberose Essential Oil which helps stimulate and increase blood flow as well.

best beard oils for growth

Beard balms also have beneficial ingredients and nutrients that help nourish skin but are manly used for grooming. They are a helpful tool to keep the beard hair down while it is growing so you look less like a wild cat with whiskers every which way. Try out the Splendid Bastard beard balm which comes in a wide range of scents.

splendid bastard beard balm

If you are looking to minimize your skincare/haircare routine, then we also carry a beautiful facial oil that also doubles as a beard oil. The Lines of Elan facial oil is lightly scented with lavender and sandalwood for a aromatic experience.

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If you are looking for men’s grooming products check out LocalBoom online or in store in Vancouver, BC.

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