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Candles in Vancouver

There are many local and talented Canadian entrepreneurs out there making handmade candles. So where do you start? Here is a quick overview of some of the amazing candles made in Canada available at LocalBoom.

Lucia candles by Pure Living have been a home staple in Canadian households very decades. Their candles are clean burning, organic soy wax, and cotton wick. Try the 100% natural fragrance of Damask Rose and Cypress Lucia No.10 candle which is a top seller!

lucia candles vancouver

Coconut Candle Company, from BC are a beautiful blend of coconut and apricot wax. The scents are perfectly formulated and of course phthalate and GMO free. The strawberry watermelon candle is a top fave. Replenish your space with the scents of summer! This delightful fragrance assembles the sweet and tart aroma of strawberries and the clean, crisp scent of watermelon for an energizing and invigorating atmosphere.

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Milk Jar Candles makes a variety of candles as well made from soy wax. The Fresh Laundry scent  is a captivating aroma of cotton and vanilla.

This candle is designed for a more modern, gentle scent - think French vanilla, cotton, and spring rain - that creates a pleasant aroma without overwhelming the room like the heavy plug-ins your grandmother used to.

milk jar fresh laundry candles near me



Check out these candles and more at Local Boom Gift Shop Vancouver, BC. We are located at 504 East Broadway in Mount Pleasant.


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