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The perfect candle is only a few clicks (or steps if you live in Vancouver) away! At The Local Boom, our Gift Shop in Mount Pleasant Vancouver, BC has everything you need for self care and gifts. We have a large range of clean beauty products, bath bombs, specialty foods, skincare and natural handmade candles.

We carry over 12 different brands of candles from BC and across Canada. All of them are handmade / hand poured and made with phthalate free fragrances or essential oils. Depending on the vendor, many different types of waxes are used such as vegetable wax (like organic soy), coconut wax, apricot wax, or a mixture of them all.

None of our candles have paraffin and it is not an ingredient we like to have in our store or burning in our homes. When paraffin burns, it releases many chemicals and soot (carbon) into the air which is unhealthy to breathe for you, your family and pets.

The SeaLuxe Candles are a great choice. They come in a beautiful rose gold tin and are 8oz with a burn time of 40+ hours. The Echo candle is a lovely blend of lavender and vanilla and sure to please!

sealuxe candles vancouver

Casa Candles are made in Montreal Canada. They are made with organic soy wax and high grade perfume and essential oils. 

casa candles near me


Need an ethical gift with a great story? Milk Jar Candles come in a wide range of scents with beautiful packaging and design. $1 from every candle goes towards the creation of inclusion and inviting spaces across the country. 

bloom by milk jar candles

If you are looking for a beautiful art inspired candle, check out our brand new Zoet Succulent Candles which have crafted wax succulent and flower designs. An amazing gift that will be sure to make memories. 

zoet candles vancouver

These candles and more available at Local Boom Gift Stores in Vancouver, BC. We pride ourselves on bringing many brands together all on one platform to make it easier for you to shop clean, shop local and support Canadian entrepreneurs. Be sure to check out Candles in Vancouver at Local Boom!


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