Collection: Milk Jar Candles

When Milk Jar Candle Co. was born in founder Holly Singer’s kitchen in November, 2016, it answered two of her desires: to bring a clean-burning, beautifully smelling candles to the local market, and to be a vehicle for giving back. Years prior, while studying Kinesiology in University, Holly developed a close friendship with a boy who had Cerebral Palsy and his mother. Forever struck by the resilience of people with disabilities and the barriers they face, it was Holly's goal to raise $500 in Milk Jar’s first year for programs that support learning and growth.

Milk Jar Candles has elevated the timeless tradition of using candles to create a cozy atmosphere, making it a staple in luxury home decor. Located in the heart of Vancouver, Milk Jar is renowned for their expertly crafted soy wax candles that not only light up a space, but also imbue it with an air of serenity and refinement. In this review, we delve into the world of candles, discovering what sets them apart and why they are a must-have for connoisseurs of candles and tasteful interior design.

 We make (incredibly awesome, plant-based and phthalate-free) candles.

Bring Home the Magic of Scented Candles

Experience serenity with our selection of fragrant candles. From the crisp smell of pine to the delightful scent of lavender, our candles capture the essence of Canada's natural beauty. Explore our wide range of scents and discover your ideal aroma, whether you prefer earthy, floral, or citrus notes.