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Teas, Coffee & Hot Chocolate

LocalBoom carries a great variety of loose leaf teas, coffees, and hot chocolate. 

There is nothing better than sitting down with a hot cup of tea or coffee, especially during these colder months. A perfect time to relax on the couch, listen to some music, or sit with your own thoughts. 

Loose Leaf Tea  is a great way to portion out the perfect cup of tea based on how strong you like it. Loose leaf tea is usually less processed, more natural, and has more nutrients. The Immunity Tea blend by Woash Wellness is a fan favourite and a great  blend of immune boosting benefits.  You can enjoy a large selection of Woash Teas at LocalBoom. If you are looking for a tea stepper, check out Woash's steepers here

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Heights Coffee is a local brand from Burnaby, BC. Their coffee is smooth, flavourful, and air roasted which results in a very enjoyable cup of joe. Their triple crown blend is a top seller and customers keep coming back for more. This coffee is whole bean so you will need a coffee grinder but it makes the bean last longer and stay more flavourful. Shop Heights Coffee here

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If you are a chai tea lover, be sure to check out The Villages Chai for a real special treat. One of the best flavourful chai teas out there. 

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