Collection: Wild Mountain Chocolate

Listen closely and you’ll hear the crisp snap of a piece of chocolate being broken from the bar, an unmistakable sound that is music to the ears of a chocolate-lover. As a craft chocolate maker, we know that chocolate to people is a visceral experience. It’s emotional and how we feel about our favourite chocolate is personal. It’s smooth and creamy; it has subtle flavours that you can distinguish based on your palette. It’s rich, satisfying and has lasting flavour — that is the type of chocolate that we are creating.

We like to keep it simple, using just cocoa bean and sugar. We know where, how and when our cocoa beans were picked, and by who. We’ve been on the ground, we’ve shaken the hands of the farmers and we’ve seen their operations first-hand. The origin can be traced, all of which are from organic, sustainable farms from some of the world’s greatest cacao-producing countries. “We are making real chocolate,” says owner Glen Davies. “We keep it simple and do it right,” he says of their bean to bar operation. Quality raw beans are imported, and everything from roasting to pouring moulds happens by hand, right here in Invermere under the direction of chocolate maker Glen Davies.