Collection: Vumami Foods

We are two omnivores turned vegans and our plant based journey started many years ago at a Buddhist vegan restaurant in South Korea. When we began eating a plant based diet, we thought back to the food at this restaurant and how it was all so delicious, you didn’t miss the lack of meat. During the course of the meal, there were countless small dishes all with unique textures and flavours, and many shared a rich, savoury umami flavour. As lifelong condiment hoarders and foodies, we wanted something that we could add to our vegan meals to make them as delicious and craveable as the food we had there. 

Umami Bomb was created through a process of (nearly) endless trial and error and the careful blending of eastern and western spices and shiitake mushrooms. Whether it's weeknight leftovers or a gourmet meal, a tablespoon or two of Umami Bomb adds a unique and irresistible quality to any dish. Our customers (both vegan and non) tell us that it’s so tasty and addictive they put that shiitake on everything!