Collection: True North Creations

I live on the west coast of Canada with my husband and our two pets: a big orange rescue cat who tries to eat all our plants and a young German Shepherd who wishes the cat would spend less time eating plants and more time playing with her. My love of animals, and the beautiful landscapes in which I live, feature prominently in my artwork. I love drawing whimsical, anthropomorphized animals, landscapes, nature and dragons...who doesn’t like dragons? (My husband likes them a lot!)

I try to create art that captures a feeling or emotion, and through my greeting cards, I hope to help people share that emotion with the people they care about. I started this journey with the modest ambition of paying for a hobby I enjoyed, but the overwhelming feedback I’ve received from customers has inspired me to continue creating and sharing my work.  I’m delighted and touched that people are using my cards to reconnect with friends and support loved ones.

I hope some of my work speaks to you!