Collection: Where to Shop Local in Canada? The Local Boom Gift Shop

Looking to Shop Local in Canada? The Local Boom Gift Shop provides a shopping platform to make supporting Local and Canadian brands easy! Since 2017, we have curated an all natural, clean beauty, organic and handmade selection from all across our country. 

We have an actual shopping marketplace, not just a classified listing site. 

From Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps, Handmade Candles, Natural Bath Bombs, Clean Beauty, Specialty treats and more.

Discovering local Canadian businesses is not just about finding great products – it is about connecting with the people and stories behind those products. Each item purchased from a local business carries with it a piece of the artisan's passion and dedication, making it more than just a transaction but a meaningful experience that fosters a sense of community and pride.

Check out The Local Boom Gift Shop for all the new Local and Canadian Brands and be a part of the Local Boom