Collection: Raoul & Simone

With two little feet planted firmly in the ground, nature has been my ally since a young age. As I grew, synthetic light replaced that of the sun, yet I remained drawn to Percé in Gaspé.

Determined to take root again, I set up a creative laboratory in the forest and by the sea. Here, I experimented with collecting samples of wild flowers and algae, capturing their evolution in favorable and unfavorable conditions. I used scanners to achieve my ends, and I altered the character of plants.

After each process, I nurtured nature by restocking it.

My digital repertoire of 3,500+ flowers and algae created an immersive universe for viewers. I invite amazement, contemplation and education, echoing Jean Dorst's words that wild nature must be preserved for its beauty.

My works are the result of drawing, painting, photography and design, a photo-realistic set enhanced by Carravagio-like darkness.