Collection: Myni

At Myni Plastic Free Products, the commitment to providing safe and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional cleaning products is at the heart of everything they do. Founded in 2020 by Marie-Hélène David, the company aims to offer families a way to protect their loved ones and the planet from harmful toxins commonly found in everyday cleaning supplies. Marie-Hélène's passion for creating a healthier home environment was ignited when she discovered the damage that conventional cleaning products had caused to her sink pipe, prompting her to delve into the world of natural ingredients and sustainable solutions.

For those seeking to embrace a cleaner and greener lifestyle, Myni Plastic Free Products can be found at Local Boom Gift Shop in Canada, both in-store and online. This partnership allows customers to easily access a range of eco-friendly cleaning essentials that are gentle on the environment without compromising on effectiveness.

By choosing Myni products, you are not only taking a step towards a healthier home but also supporting a small business dedicated to making a positive impact on our collective well-being and the future of our planet. Experience the difference with Myni Plastic Free Products and join the movement towards a more sustainable way of living.