Collection: Luv the Grub

Some time ago, Alia Sunderji taught a class on sustainable innovation at Simon Fraser University. During this time, one of her students discovered the problem of food waste in British Columbia. They found out that perfectly good fruits and vegetables were being thrown away due to minor physical imperfections. Instead of reaching consumers, they were ending up in landfills.

Alia spotted a chance to save this "unappealing" produce and transform it into a delectable treat. Chutneys are a common household dish in her East African residence, and it dawned on her: She could use unwanted produce to create flavorful, homemade chutneys.

Looking to make a difference in her community, Alia wanted to do more than just reduce food waste. Inspired by her mother, a Ugandan refugee, she knew the challenges newcomers face in Canada. As a result, she hired refugee newcomers at Luv the Grub to not only provide them with their first Canadian work experience, but also to create a new and supportive community.