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Lake and Oak Tea Vancouver

Buy in Vancouver Canada at Local Boom Gift Shop. Our Superfood Teas & Latte Blends are renowned for being unbeatably clean and functional. But let us tell you, they're also the tastiest of their kind. Back in 2017, when Meredith was looking for a natural way to soothe her anxiety and digestive issues, the Lake & Oak journey began.

Her deep-seated devotion to plants as remedies and her natural instinct for flavor drove her to Lake & Oak's kitchen, yielding signature tea blends of unparalleled taste and nourishment for the body and soul. With an effort to craft delicious, bursting-with-flavor teas and a purpose to further benefit mental and physical health, the mission was clear.

Things you'll never find in our blends? Sugar, sweeteners or so-called "natural flavours" - we let the plants speak for themselves.