Collection: Hollow Tree Candles

Hollow Tree Candle's roots first took hold in the remote forests of British Columbia. Our handcrafted batches are inspired by the majestic Pacific Northwest forests within the Coastal Mountains of BC.

As an enthusiastic member of Shop Local Canada, we are dedicated to uplifting local artists and businesses. By selecting our candles, you're not only getting a top-notch product, but also contributing to the growth of our local economy. Small businesses can make a huge difference, and your support drives our lively community.

Hollow Tree is all about sharing the love and magic of the impossible fairy tale forests of the Pacific West Coast with you. It's a chance for us and you to swap stories of ancient trees and astounding seedlings, whether you've experienced the West Coast forests firsthand or just through pictures and postcards.

Tree ring by tree ring, Hollow Tree was born from a deep love for British Columbia, cultivated through decades of exploration, adventure, and a never-ending awe for BC's forests.

Transform your space with the invigorating allure of woodsy scented candles. Infused with the rich essence of cedarwood, sandalwood, and pine, these candles transport you to a tranquil forest getaway right in the comfort of your home. The earthy and grounding aromas help to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Embrace the natural beauty and calming effects of woodsy scented candles to elevate your surroundings and soothe your soul.