Collection: EastVan Bees

Local Honey & Beeswax Vancouver

Buy EastVan Bees honey and beeswax products in Canada at Local Boom Gift Shop Online or in store. Celebrate diversity in our beloved city. Our unique multi-floral honey is crafted from the gardens, trees, and backyard fruit trees in the many vibrant and diverse Vancouver neighbourhoods. Our hives are hosted by local homeowners who are inspired by the city's history and its exciting future. We are privileged to be able to create something that is so true to this incredible city. With all the wonderful floral and veggie gardens, the Maple and Linden trees lining the streets, and the secret fruit trees in people's backyards, it's no wonder the flavour of our honey is unlike any other.

We make sure every frame of honey is perfectly preserved, never heated or over filtered to preserve the distinctive neighborhood flavors. Our East Van Bees honey takes the unique nectar collected in each community and turns it into a delicious, one-of-a-kind honey. Unlike commercial honeys, which combine all their hives' honey, ours retains the individual flavors of each neighborhood - imagine what was blooming to create this sweet, unique taste!

  • Raw Urban Multi Floral Honey
  • Chemical Free
  • Gently Filtered
  • Cold Extracted