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Bathorium Bath Salts Canada

Get ready to luxuriate in our range of all-natural, heavenly scented bath soaks, bombs, and bubble oils, free from harsh additives and synthetic fragrances. At Bathorium, we believe in indulging in the simple pleasure of a beneficial bath and reinventing self-care rituals. Our founder, Gregory Macdonald, discovered his passion for baths while traveling through Europe in 2014, and now he's sharing it with the world!

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Greg was shocked to find a claw-foot bathtub accompanied by a living apothecary, stocked with luxurious clays, exotic salts, fresh vegetable butters, and essential oils. This indulgent combination of pure, beneficial ingredients has become the foundation of Bathorium's products today. Founded on the idea of the benefits of bathing, Bathorium's bath soaks aim to invigorate, restore, and rejuvenate the user. Since the beginning, this Canadian entrepreneur's goal has been to provide a truly unforgettable bath experience, promoting both mental and physical well-being.