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Why is it important to shop local with LocalBoom?

LocalBoom focuses on Canadian brands and Canadian entrepreneurs. We all know of a few huge conglomerate websites (rhymes with PAMAZON) that are working their way to global domination. While companies like this can be affordable and beneficial to many shoppers, the bigger picture is a bit more stark. These large companies do not pay taxes and a lot of the product the carry is from overseas which means that your purchase benefits rich CEO’s and foreign countries.

Shopping with LocalBoom is a full circle movement. All of the brands we carry are Canadian, and 99% of these brands are made in Canada. A couple brands we carry (like our men’s underwear line) are made overseas but have programs in place to positively benefit Canadians. For example, “Sock N Sack” is the men’s line of underwear we carry that donate a pair of underwear or socks in Canada for every purchase made.

By supporting Canadian brands, your money is staying IN our country. Our brand cooperative (including us here at LocalBoom) use Canadian suppliers and companies for ingredient sourcing, packaging, and manufacturing. All of this means your simple purchase of Canadian goods at www.localboom.ca trickles down to hundreds of people that are part of the Canadian supply chain.  

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