Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

What is plastic free July? 

If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. We’re here to bring you up to speed with this excellent eco-challenge! 

As we all grow more conscious about the impact we have on our planet, plastic free July has arrived to highlight how we can make simple switches that are a lot kinder to the environment. 

During plastic free July, everyone is asked to look at what they use every day – be it shampoo, soap, food packaging etc., and think about other more environmentally-friendly options! 

Sounds hard, right? 

Well, it needn’t be! 

We’re here to show you some really easy ways on how you can make a few small changes to become more eco-friendly! Continue reading if you want some super tips on how to take on plastic free July in your stride! 

Are you ready to take on this eco-challenge?!

Local Boom show our eco-conscious Canadians how to ditch plastic for planet friendly alternatives! 


Canada Made producta

You already know that here at Local Boom, we are passionate about all things Canadian-made. We love supporting Canadian brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs. We also love getting involved in making a positive social impact within Canadian communities. 

But without a healthy planet to live on, this would all be for nothing! 

So, we are also positively planet minded. Today we are shining a spotlight on some of our favourite eco-friendly Canadian brands who are making a difference! 

These planet-friendly products make ditching plastic easy.  

Plastic Free July – where to start?


Start as you (don’t) mean to go on! To kick off your plastic free July, have a quick scan of your household and see all the plastic you can spot. 

There is probably a lot of plastic lurking around your home! 

From shampoo bottles, fruit and vegetables wrapped in single use plastic, to laundry detergent jugs and all else in between, ditching unnecessary plastic can feel like a huge task when we are surrounded by plastic every day. 

We tend to not pay too much attention to the things we do daily. 

Think about your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and even your hand soap. Are they all in plastic bottles? Probably. Is this necessary? Nope. 

Are your fruit and veggies wrapped in single-use plastics? Probably. Do bananas need protection other than their thick skin? Nope. 

But this is how we’ve been living all our lives so it can be hard to change our ways. Fear not though, Local Boom are here to take the pain out of starting your plastic free journey! 


Plastic-Free July Tips


There are SO many options out there when it comes to eco-friendly, plastic free products so how are you supposed to know which ones to choose? 

If you’re all out of plastic free July ideas, or you’re not sure where to look for planet friendly options, then you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve searched high and low and done all the hard work for you! 

Today, we’ve rounded up two of our favourite plastic free products here at Local Boom. 

These products will pave the way for your plastic free July challenge – and you may never look back! Here we go … 


Unwrapped Life: Everything & anything from this awesome Canadian brand, which you can check out right here!


unwrapped life shampoo


Unwrapped Life are a wonderful Canadian brand who are on a mission to help people live a plastic-free life here in Canada. 

Unwrapped Life are your perfect companion for plastic free July! 

Their shampoo and conditioner bars are out of this world. Some say it’s the best shampoo in Canada! 

With brands like this, being kind to the planet and smashing your plastic free July goals will be a walk in the park. And the park will be a little less polluted because we’re all cutting out unnecessary plastics! 

Not only do Unwrapped Life make sure we are kind to the planet, but they are kind to your hair too! 

They are plastic free, have no nasty chemicals or sulphates - and they haven’t been tested on animals! 

Not only that, but the natural scents of these shampoo and conditioner bars are divine! 

They have shampoo and conditioner bars to suit all hair types so have a browse and you’ll find your perfect, plastic free match. 

There’s no better feeling than finishing up a product and knowing there is no plastic waste at the end. 

Now that we’ve sorted your plastic free hair washing routine, what about your plastic free clothes washing routine? 

We didn’t intend on digging up your dirty laundry but here we are! Please excuse us! 


Tru Earth Laundry Strips: Get your plastic free clothes wash on!


Do you ever feel guilty about those chunky plastic jugs that your laundry detergent comes in? 

You know the ones that likely end up in landfill even if you try your hardest to recycle them?

Do you ever worry about what harsh chemicals and fragrances are in those detergents, and whether they’re tested on animals?

Same here. 

That’s why we love, love, LOVE the Tru Earth brand!

This Canadian, eco-brand are on a carbon neutrality mission to keep those pesky detergent jugs out of landfill – by creating products that are eco-friendly, certified vegan (no animal testing here) and biodegradable. 

Clean, green, and simple! 

Save the planet one load at a time with their strong but gentle laundry eco-strips. 

One strip, one load, one happy planet, and a growing list of five star reviews! 

Tru Earth also sell reusable beeswax food wrap. Plastic-free, re-washable and eco-friendly. Time to re-think your plastic sandwich bags and food wrap? We think so!  

We’re excited to spread awareness on all things green. This plastic free July let’s make our impact on the Earth a positive one! 

After all, we only get one planet, so join us in choosing planet-friendly products and going plastic free, not just for July but for the rest of our lives!

We can’t wait to see what other switches you make this month and we invite you to explore all of the awesome Canadian made brands we cherish and stock here at Local Boom!


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