where to buy canadian made products

Where to buy Canadian products?

LocalBoom is a one stop shop that supports Canadian brands and Canadian made products. From Skincare, bath & body products, candles, food, water, and other pantry necessities, LocalBoom brings them all to you in 1 easy location. Its never been easier to support Local and Canadian products!

Since the beginning (October 2017), LocalBoom has been on a mission to empower Canadians and support our communities across the country. We have donated over $7000.00 in cash and product in our first year! We focus on Women’s and Children’s shelters, men’s shelters, animal rescues, and food banks from Nunavut to Halifax; Victoria to Toronto.

Our vision and goal is to create an easy shopping experience that Canadians trust and love all while knowing that their purchase is a powerful one that helps support communities across Canada.

Join the “Feel Good Shopping” movement with LocalBoom!

Thank you for the support.

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