Top 5 Skincare brands for 2020

Top Skincare Brands for 2020

The Skincare game in Canada is evolving faster than ever. Many talented and hard-working Canadian entrepreneurs are putting their “best face forward” and creating amazing high-quality products right here in the big white north.

Why does Made in Canada matter and why should you look for these brands? Supporting local and Canadian brands is as important as ever. Many products manufactured overseas offer great benefits price points, but if you look closer at the ingredients and where they are manufactured you will see that they are not what they appear to be. Consider why your soap or face wash is so cheap, even if its being shipped from across the globe or even from across Canada.

Large “Canadian” companies are manufacturing huge batches of cheap skincare products full of preservatives, chemicals, and in a lot of cases are mostly just water and owned by a foreign conglomerate.  

Your skin and pocket book deserve the best. There has been a flurry of new independent brands and products launching across Canada. Canadians want natural, handmade, or locally made products and although sometimes they appear to be pricier, often times you don’t require to use as much product (because they are not watered down) and usually have less preservatives and high-quality pure ingredients.

Always look at your ingredient labels and get to know what ingredients SHOULD NOT be in your skin care regime.

What can you buy from Canada? Short answer: A lot! Our website has many products from all genres, but we’d like to talk about some amazing Skincare brands to look out for in the 2020 year.


1) Deew: Hemp Beauty & Wellness

Deew: Hemp Beauty & Wellness

This game changer is newer on the scene but has re-branded their first 2 products and introduced 2 more. Deew products are ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty free and Made in Canada. Deew (weed spelled backwards) brings the benefits of Cannabis without the stigma through a curated section of products.

LocalBoom recommends: Deew: Morning Deew Cream

SCENT: Uplifting, Awakening, Energizing

KEEP: In your bathroom and/or on your desk

QUICK TIP: Apply to wrists, temple and neck for soothing pain relieve

Deew: Morning Deew Cream

2) Bare Skin Bar: Bath Treats & Skincare

Bare Skin Bar Vancouver

Bare Skin Bar has been growing and evolving since launching in 2017. Their collection of simple but effective self care treats are sure to please! Formulated with healing butters, clays, botanicals, and essential oils, these products are beautiful and remind us to take some time to slow down, treat yourself, and take some time for YOU!

LocalBoom recommends: Restoring Bath Bombs & The Sweet Lip Buffer

The Restoring bath bombs are packed with skin loving ingredients like Hemp Oil and Spirulina with a beautiful blend of Eucalyptus and Cypress essential oils. The Sweet lip buffer gently exfoliates and heals your lips with castor oil, sugar, coffee, cocoa butter, and a blend of lip plumping essential oils. 

Bare Skin Bar Sweet Lip Buffer

3) Schmear Naturals – 100% Food Based Skincare

Schmear Naturals

Some of the best skincare out there, you can/could also eat! SCHMEAR grew from the desire to provide wholesome skincare products that are simple to use and free from guesswork. Overwhelmed by aisles of products containing synthetic fillers and complex ingredients, they ventured out to find a 100% food-based alternative. Their product line has grown over the last year from facial masks to oils, toners, and scrubs.

LocalBoom recommends: Argan & Tamanu Clarifying Facial Oil. This light weight formula includes beautiful oils like Tamanu, Hemp, Neem, Evening primrose, and Argan. Full of Omega oils that will help balance and clarify the skin. 

Schmear Naturals Clarifying Facial Oil

4) Eaune Natural Skincare

Eaune Natural Skincare

This beautiful skincare line is made in Toronto, Canada. These products are rich in antioxidants, moisturizers, nutritious certified organic oils, and vitamins.  Regardless of your condition, whether it is dry, acne prone, combination, or oily, these products are a great solution to your skin's needs! The product line is beautiful and meticulously crafted. We have received such amazing feedback about these incredible products. 

LocalBoom recommends: The Pore Refining Cleanser  This cleanser is super gentle, smells great (it has Lime, Orange, Spearmint, and Bergamot essential oils) and works hard without drying the skin.  We have received the most compliments on this cleanser. 

Eaune Natural Skincare cleanser


5) Loa Skin

Loa Skin has made a memorable impact on the Canadian Skincare market, even though they only have 1 product at the moment. Sometimes, that’s all you need! Their multi-action facial oil is a LocalBoom favourite and often sells out quickly. They are reworking the formula for relaunching in 2020 and we can’t wait to see how it has improved (it is already an amazing healing oil!)

loa oil



Honourable Mention:

6) Steven Andrew Skincare

Steven Andrew Skincare Canada

This brand new skincare line will be launching in 2020 with a sophisticated focus on the most powerful natural ingredients to nourish your skin, body, and hair. Steven Andrew Skincare (SAS) is an LGBTQ owned company that empowers others by collaboration and mental health advocacy. The first product will be a night cream (the ONE night cream you'll ever need). 

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