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How to shop local in Canada?

How to shop local? And why shop local? 

There are many very important reasons to do so, and LocalBoom makes it easy by bringing over 115 brands to you on one platform. 

We need to send a message to big box stores that every entrepreneur deserves to make a living. There are many excellent and exciting products from local entrepreneurs all across Canada. Shop Canadian! A very important message.

Shopping local enables the shop owner to support themselves, their family, their children’s extra curricular activities, and the local economy to name a few things. Every dollar spent in your community helps that small business thrive whether it be a grocery store, health food store, gift shop (like LocalBoom!), mom and pop restaurants and coffee shops and many many more. 

We need to work towards keeping our small businesses and communities viable. Every dollar spent in your area supports the community and goes further then if you were to spend it at a corporate conglomerate.  Less empty spaces in neighbourhoods means less crime is likely.

There are many online stores for entrepreneurs as well. Consider them too. They likely can not afford their own store front but have amazing products. There are more and more organic options popping up across the country as well. Another important consideration for good health.

Small independent stores have a harder time keeping up with big box competition so a small consideration might be to eat products according to the seasons if you are supporting a small grocery outlet.  Eating out at your local Mom and Pop watering holes, or shopping at local Gift stores. Buying from local craft beer establishments can also be exciting if you indulge.

This holiday season, make the easy choice and shop LocalBoom for all your gifting needs. 

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