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Clean Beauty Products in Vancouver

Clean beauty products and skincare available at LocalBoom! We are passionate about beauty products that benefit your skin and overall wellness. These days many large brands hide dangerous and even poisonous ingredients in your products including skincare, bodycare, haircare and makeup.

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“Natural” skincare has lost its meaning in the industry, as this term is not regulated and can mean a wide variety of things. Don't fall victim to this terminology.  At LocalBoom we focus on clean beauty, which means we are very careful about what products we bring into our lineup and vet their ingredients, their manufacturing practices, and ethics. We want you to feel good shopping at LocalBoom!

We have one of the largest Canadian made skincare and beauty product selection in the country and pride ourselves on providing the best quality products to your beauty regime.  

From serums, facial oils and cleansers, exfoliators, masks, toners, haircare and more we have you covered. Let us know if you need help with your selections or if you have any questions.

Some of our favourite clean beauty products that we absolutely love are:

Eaune Organic Skincare – Pore Refining Cleanser: This cleanser is water free and provides a light lather. Simple ingredients like Coco glucoside, which is a gentle cleansing agent derived from Coconuts, and glycerin leave your skin feeling clean and with tighter pores.

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Bare Skin Bar – Lip Buffer: This lip scrub combines lip plumping ingredients like Cinnamon, Anise, and Ginger combined with castor oil and cocoa butter to create the ultimate scrub to leave your lips kissable smooth and nourished.

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Epic Blend – Oatmeal Mask: Perfect for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin, this clay and oat-based mask includes banana, chamomile extract and vanilla. Mix with your favourite facial oil, with yoghurt, honey, or water to create the perfect mask for your skin type.

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Schmear Naturals – Clarifying Facial Oil: Packed with beautiful oils like Tamanu and Neem, this oil soothes and nourishes combination and oily skin types. It is light weight, fast absorbing, and full of omega oils that all skin needs to look its glowy best!

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These products and a lot more are all available at LocalBoom online or in store at 504 East Broadway in Vancouver.

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