Best Gift Shop in Mount Pleasant Vancouver

Best Gift Shop in Mount Pleasant Vancouver

Best Gift Shopping in Vancouver

If you are looking for great Canadian made products from local vendors and Entrepreneurs, look no further than LocalBoom in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in Vancouver, BC.

LocalBoom is a one stop shop for all things local and Canadian. Since 2017, LocalBoom has continued to grow its product offering to over 3,000 products and 115 brands!

Local Shopping in Vancouver is easy with our e-commerce website, affordable shipping rates, and our brick-and-mortar store. Local pick up, local delivery, and fast shipping across Canada make it simple and attainable for all Canadians no matter where they live.

Our gift store in Mount Pleasant is unique in its esthetic as well as the customer service experience you will have when you walk through the door. Our mission is to support Canadian brands from across the country and help educate and introduce these brands to customers who have not yet discovered them.

From Gift Sets, food products, natural skincare, body care, organic hair care, men’s products, candles, household and cleaning supplies, we make it easy to shop all in one location and support the Canadian economy.

Your dollar goes further when you support local and more money stays in our country.

For gift ideas, self care, pampering, or curiosity, be sure to check out LocalBoom Gift Store in Mount Pleasant!

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