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Natural Makeup in Vancouver, BC

We have been expanding our product line every month and we welcome Pure Anada Cosmetics to our lineup with a wide range of natural, chemical free makeup.

For centuries, women have been putting toxic makeup and cosmetic products on their skin, lips, eyes, and face. As more and more information is available about some of these less than awesome ingredients in your makeup, women are looking for alternative options.

At LocalBoom, we are very passionate about clean beauty and products for your entire lifestyle. We believe that your life should be as chemical free as possible from your make up and skincare selections to what you eat. An “Inside and out” philosophy is as important as ever and to read your product labels!

We now have a nice range of natural/organic lip sticks and lip glosses, foundations, mascara, eye liner, tinted moisturizers and more.

Natural makeup has many benefits including:

  • Fewer potentially harmer ingredients
  • Appeals to a wider range of skin types (including sensitive skin)
  • Healthy additives that are good for your skin
  • Less scent or artificial fragrance

If you are looking for healthy youthful skin, clean natural skincare is of course an important part of that, but its efficacy is limited when you layer on mass produced toxic makeup.

If you are looking for a switch or want to experiment in natural clean beauty in Vancouver, come check out LocalBoom Gift Store in Vancouver, BC

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