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VAMA Life Wellness - Goddess Scrub 125ml


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This VAMA Life Wellness Goddess Scrub is vegan and handmade in Vancouver, BC Canada. 
Goddess scrub is a beautiful mixture of sugars & organic Brazilian coffee. A hand blended infusion of Mogra (Jasmin Sambac flower), Jasmin oil and Neroli oil. Mogra, in Ayurvedic medicine is known as tridoshic essential oil, helping to pacify all three doshas. The coffee beans are single origin and farm direct from Brazil.

Coffee has anti-inflammatory properties, improves circulation, improves the texture of skin, reduces scars or stretch marks, and may help cellulite.

Goddess scrub will leave your skin supple and soft with the nourishing effects of olive oil lingering on the skin, even after you're out of the shower.

This product is safe for all skin types. This VAMA life Goddess Scrub is also safe for women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Benefits: Improves skin texture, reduces scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, may reduce cellulite, hydrates skin reducing dryness. 100% vegan, pure essential oils sourced from India, 3% concentration of essential oils.   
Contraindications: Women pregnant in the 1st trimester, open sores or lesions, Be aware of any allergies before use

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