Collection: Luminary Emporium Candles

Shop the best candles in Vancouver Canada at Local Boom Gift Shop. Luminary Emporium is a mother-daughter venture that proudly prioritizes craftspeople and artisans. Let us show you a world of awesome, premium quality candles at affordable, transparent prices.

Luminary was envisioned in the start of 2020 when Rowan noticed the lack of a Canadian marketplace for excellent soy candles from many artisans. Come explore the realm of exquisite natural elements and scents that Luminary has to offer. Get high-quality candles at an unbeatable price - a unique treat for a special occasion or a daily luxury that takes you back to fond memories. Step into a world of craftsmanship, culture, and delight - reveals at Luminary Emporium!

Carefully crafted with sustainable vegetable waxes and free of phthalates and paraffin, our candles are second to none!