Collection: Canada Knitwear

Canada Knitwear is an Etobicoke, Ontario-based leader in knitwear production. Our mission is to craft sustainable, top-notch knitwear with the least environmental impact possible, selecting eco-friendly materials when available. Our crew of pro artisans has years of experience constructing a wide range of knitwear items, like beanies, scarves, sweaters, cardis, mitts, headbands, and blankets. We promise the finest materials and production methods for unbeatable quality and durability.

At the root of it all, we're passionate about the craft of Canadian creation - that's why we proudly design and whip up all our garments in Canada! Rocking Canada Knitwear not only gets you the finest, eco-friendly knitwear, it also helps support Canadian production.

Canada Knitwear is the *official OG* of sweater uniforms for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We puff our chests with pride at outfitting the police forces with our superior knitwear products. Our dedication to creating resilient and comfy garments has earned us a rep as a reliable manufacturer for people, biz, and orgs around Canada and further.