Shampoo Bars Vancouver

Shampoo Bars Vancouver

LocalBoom carries a wide range of Shampoo and Conditioner bars along with other important natural hair care in Vancouver. Plus added bonus: They are all plastic free!

Bottle None shampoo bars is a small Canadian brand and we are proud to carry their shampoo and conditioner bars. They have put a lot of work into their formulations and really understand the science behind proper hair care.  Not all shampoo bars are the same and they have carefully curated each ingredient to make the best bar that will leave your hair healthy and clean. Their BE STRONG set is perfect for those who are worried about thinning, damaged, or weak hair.

bottle none shampoo vancouver

Nana + Livy shampoo bars have expanded to include a ginger option. Ginger is a great stimulant and increasing blood flow to the hair follicle. Increased blood flow means more nutrients and vitamins get to the root of the hair resulting in healthier and thicker locks.

Wild Jasmine Natural Apothecary shampoo bars are one of our top selling products. Clean simple ingredients and eco friendly packaging that you can plant and grow flowers from. How cool is that?! The Tea Tree option is great for those with oily hair.

shampoo bars for oily hair vancouver

KL Skin Naturals shampoo bars are a new product for the brand and our customers have been enjoying them. They have a great unscented option for those who are sensitive to smell or sensitive and/or allergic to essential oils.

unscented shampoo bar


Upfront Cosmetics is a line from New Brunswick, Canada. At Upfront Cosmetics, they aim to empower you to make decisions based on understanding. They believe ingredients should be as easy to understand as they are to ingest. Each of products is free from silicones, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petroleum, formaldehyde & animal ingredients.

upfront cosmetics vancouver


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