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LocalBoom - Great Local Online Shopping Site in Vancouver Canada

Boom! Are you ready for community based, Canadian, local shopping?!

Like many Canadians, we have always had a passionate drive and vision to help out within our community and communities across our beautiful country. We also sympathize and understand how difficult that can be to achieve in today’s crazy hectic times no matter how positive your intentions are!

We had an idea to make things a heck of a lot easier and to create a community based shopping marketplace. A place where our customers could support local companies and entrepreneurs, while also having the chance to make a difference in the community.

From this idea LocalBoom® was created. We are a truly unique and genuine enterprise that will organize and sponsor local events, empower local entrepreneurs, and will seek every opportunity to help support and grow future community based shopping. On top of that, we will also donate our time and portions of profits back into the community and also back to you, our powerful shopper!

You can watch and be part of your community boom, just shop with LocalBoom whenever you are able to instead of using other large chain sites and shopping portals. Amazing Canadian brands and products all at your fingertips! From luxury wellness products, food, art and décor, through to handmade and Canadian manufactured fashion. It’s all going to be here at

As we grow we’ll feature more and more Canadian brands, entrepreneurs and businesses. We will be your one stop for anything Canadian made. We’ll also feature and support local events. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out what’s going on local to you

As a new enterprise, we genuinely would love to hear from you! Tell us about local events, products you would like to see listed at LocalBoom, or where you would like to see your powerful shopping dollar used or donated.

We’re a Canadian business, which cares about other Canadian businesses and communities, we’re all about talking and networking! If you are a Canadian producer, manufacturer or entrepreneur, get in touch to talk to our “LocalBoomers” about listing your products, and growing your brand alongside ours.

Although we will try, it is not always possible to save the world, but together we can help change it.

Boom! Go shopping

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