How To Treat Dry Hands After Sanitizing

How To Treat Dry Hands After Sanitizing

Canadians have been sanitizing their hands more than ever during this past year. Whether it's washing with soap or using a little bit of Purel, sanitation keeps germs at bay, and keeps hands clean. That being said, the alcohols and active ingredients are major culprits for drying the skin out. As the body's largest organ, taking good care of your skin is a step to taking great care of your body. Follow these simple steps to keep your hands clean, healthy, and moisturized throughout the year.

Why Does Sanitizer Dry Out Your Hands?

To understand what to do about dry skin, first, you have to understand why sanitizer dries it out. Sanitizer dries out your skin because it strips the natural oils from your skin. Our body’s skin naturally makes oils in order to maintain a natural moisture barrier, and sanitizer, while taking away germs, also takes away those oils. The oils take a while to regenerate, and by that time, you've probably already washed or sanitized your hands again.

Moisturize Your Hands After Washing Or Sanitizing

Avoid infection by keeping your hands moisturized after each time you sanitize. Dry and cracked hands leave an open way for viruses and infection to enter your body, so even if you think you're being cautious by sanitizing all the time, you have to couple it with a good moisturizer.


When selecting a creme, make sure it is alcohol-free. Ones with alcohol won't provide the much needed moisture to your skin barrier, and can even dry it out more. LocalBoom offers a variety of Local and Canadian brands of hand and body cream. They are natural and alcohol-free preventing the skin from drying out. Our brands Kropp, Lucia, and more offer hand cream in a variety of delightful scents.

Incorporate Hand Care Into Self Care

Next time you do a facemask on a Sunday evening, or while you're making yourself that cup of tea after work, apply a hand mask. Practicing this regularly will result in a dramatic difference to your skin. Look for luscious ingredients like cocoa and shea butter, along with lots of oils.

Be Mindful Of Your Soaps

Alcohol sanitizer is bad enough for drying out the skin, so when it comes to washing your hands, look for nourishing rather than stripping hand soaps. LocalBoom offers a number of different soaps full of nourishing and hydrating ingredients. Take a look on our website and discover a solution to dry dehydrated skin.


Look to prevent dehydration and dry cracks on your skin by consistent hydration and moisture, for more information on our products, come check us out in-store, located on East Broadway in Vancouver, or by visiting our website.

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