Best Coffee Scrubs for 2018 – Made in Canada

Best Coffee Scrubs for 2018 – Made in Canada

Most of us can’t get through the day without a hot cup of Joe. Aromatic, energizing, beautiful, delicious, perfect, soothing, coffee. As you can tell we are fans of the stuff here at LocalBoom. When some genius (seriously) decided to put it in a scrub to use in the bath or shower…a miracle was born out of an already existing miracle. Let’s find that person and create a statue in their honour.

Coffee scrubs are great for stretch marks, cellulite, and smoothing your skin. They are a must have for your skincare regime. The exfoliating properties of coffee buff off dead skin, and the oils that are mixed into the product hydrate and nourish your skin.

With that said, it can be a bit overwhelming when you look at all the coffee scrubs available in Canada. Almost every skin care line or cosmetic company has some form of it.

So you ask yourself, along with so many other important life questions, are all coffee scrubs created equal? Just like your cup of brew, everyone prefers something different. Some scrubs are more dry, some more oily, and some a balance of both. We have selected our favourite scrubs and brands to look out for in the 2018 year. All available at use coupon ILOVECOFFEE to receive 10% off your purchase.

Kismet Essentials – Coffee Body Scrub with Sweet Orange

Price: $20.00 / Scents: Coffee and Orange Peel / Made in: Vancouver, BC Canada


This scrub is…well…it…ya know…oh my…it left us speechless. Pure Organic and simple ingredients (Coffee, Dead Sea Salt, Almond and Orange Peel essential oil), it reminds us of having a relaxing morning coffee on a patio with a delicious breakfast (which of course includes orange juice!)

This scrub is a perfect balance of oil and the exfoliating coffee, making it easily spreadable and not too coarse. The scent is simply divine and will leave your skin so smooth!

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VAMA Life Goddess Scrub – Brown Sugar & Essential Oil Coffee Scrub

Price: $15.00 / Scents: Coffee, Cinnamon, Neroli Oil / Made in: Vancouver, BC Canada

Packed full of organic Olive oil, Mogra oil, Jasmin, and Neroli oil, all of which have major health benefits to your skin. This scrub has a unique, sweet and earthy scent to it. It is extremely moisturizing and will leave your skin supple and soft even if you have dry or sensitive skin.

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Epic Blend – Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

Price: $18.00 (8oz) / Scents: Coffee and Coconut / Made in: West Kelowna, BC Canada

Some people like simple things, simple things can be great! This exfoliating scrub has aromatic Arabica coffee, sea salt, sugar, coconut oil and extract, green tea, vanilla, and vitamin e. All amazing things for your skin. This scrub is on the dryer side of the spectrum which allows for more exfoliation. It’s all about preference! Epic Blend is based in West Kelowna, BC Canada.

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Naked Skincare – Coffee and Almond Scrub

Price: $20.00 (8oz) / Scents: Coffee with  Almond / Made in: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Coffee is an invigorating ingredient to get the blood pumping and plumping up your skin. That’s why it is such an amazing and must have product for your regime. This beautifully crafted scrub has coffee, coconut, brown sugar, sweet almond oil, and vitamin e. Packed full of nutrients, this scrub will exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. This scrub is on the dryer side as well, but again it is just a preference!

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