Wings of Providence  Shelter - Edmonton, BC

Wings of Providence Shelter - Edmonton, BC

There are 1000’s of agencies, charities, and causes across our country that need help and support. Whether that be money, products (underwear, soap etc), or our time and acknowledgement. Canada is an incredible place to live and I am so eternally grateful to have been born and raised here, but with that said, there are many Canadians who are struggling, suffering, or who need help every day.  

 While researching around, we stumbled across a woman’s profile on Instagram that was promoting an online auction for the Wings of Providence Women’s Shelter in Edmonton, Alberta. She was looking for products or items that could be auctioned off to help benefit the centre.

We weren’t able to send product to be auctioned off in time (we stumbled upon this auction a few days before it was going to happen). We made the decision to donate $150.00 to them instead.

 The Wings of Providence is a 2nd stage shelter and affordable housing for women with children who have experienced family violence. They are a non-profit organization and their vision is to empower and support women and children to live safe and independent lives.

This organization struck a powerful cord with us and we look forward to making regular donations and support them on the regular.

To donate to Wings click here

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