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Downtown Eastside Women's Shelter Donation - Vancouver, BC

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When LocalBoom starting evolving, I had so many ideas and directions that I wanted to take it. I knew that I didn't just want to help people, I needed to help people no matter how big or small. It is a strong natural instinct in me that calls to help, empower, and support people. I know how powerful a little "push" from a moment of positivity can be for someone. 

One of the first ideas was to donate soap to a shelter. I assume and believe that larger companies (the big brands) surely have enough profits and cash flow (or product) to donate enough soap to, lets say 1 shelter in a city, for the rest of the shelter's existence. (Something to think about eh?)

I decided to go with the Downtown Eastside Women's Shelter for a few reasons. One is that it seemed like an attainable number, and two, I thought that beautiful, high quality & lush smelling soaps could potentially make a difference in someone's life. Especially in a time of need, despair, or hopelessness. 

We partnered with Epic Blend out of West Kelowna, who graciously agreed to help out with no hesitation and we made it happen.  It was yet another positive boost for me to keep going with my vision. 

As we continue to grow and with the help of Canadians with their "powerful shopping" dollar, we can do even more. 

You can donate directly to the Downtown Eastside Women's shelter by clicking here

and also shop online with LocalBoom and we will continue to help out where we can. That is our promise. 

We can't save the world, but as a powerful collective we can damn try. 






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