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Why do you need Natural Deodorant?

Nowadays there are many different natural deodorant options to choose from.

So where do you start? What do you look for? At LocalBoom, we pride ourselves on providing the best natural skincare and self care (including deodorants). We currently carry 6 different natural deodorant brands that are made in Canada.

The first thing to know about switching to a natural deodorant is the “detox” phase. After you discontinue use of your commercial chemical deodorant, your armpits need to detox after being blocked up for so many years. Gross, eh? When you think about how most antiperspirant works, it is quite alarming. Your body is meant to sweat and remove toxins from inside out…so why block that up? You will notice for about 2-4 weeks from switching that you might be “stinky” or you may think that the natural deodorant is not working. This is a common phase and something that you must power through. Just think about all the toxins that you are body is finally releasing.

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The 2nd thing to know is that natural deodorants are just that. Natural Deodorant. They usually include some form of baking soda, kaolin clay or arrowroot powder which will help absorb some of the moisture under your arms but not as much as a chemical product. This is also a transition phase as you will notice with more continued use of a natural deodorant that your body will sweat less.

Number 3. Some armpits are sensitive, and you will find out if yours are soon. Most natural deodorants contain baking soda which can be irritating to some user’s skin. In most cases this is temporary and if you notice your skin slightly red after use, monitor it to ensure it doesn’t get worse. Usually within a couple days this should subside. If irritation persists discontinue use. LocalBoom has many baking soda free deodorant options if this is the case.

The 4th thing to know is that natural deodorant comes in a variety of applications. There are:

Spray Deodorants by Active Humans

Metal Tin deodorants by Whiffcraft Naturals

Regular stick deodorant by KL Skin

Compostable cardboard tube deodorant


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Some people prefer the convenience of a spray deodorant, although an even coverage of the armpit can be challenging. Some consumers also do not like the metal tin or glass jar option because they have to use their finger to apply. If that is the case, then we have deodorants available in the standard plastic tube or recyclable cardboard tubes.

Check out and buy at in store or online for all your natural deodorant needs. As always, all our products are free from harmful chemicals and made locally and/or in Canada.

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