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Midnight Paloma - Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask (2 oz.)

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Throughout the day your skin collects impurities from the air and other environmental factors. This can be the starting point for congested looking, pimple ridden, oily skin. Charcoal is one of the best ingredients for detoxifying your skin and works like a magnet to absorb all that yucky stuff! 

Rolled oats are a natural moisturizer and skin soother, while gentle rose petals hydrate and plump your skin. 

Mix a little of this powder with water, milk, or plain yogurt for a nice little treat after a long day. 

Ingredients: kaolinite (white clay), avena sativa (rolled oats), carbones (charcoal), rosa centifolia (rose petals) and/et essential blend/huile essentielles.

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