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Gulf Islands Coffee Roasting

Gulf Island Coffee Roasting - Tribune Bay Medium Dark Roast

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Surrounded by a windswept landscape of flawless white sand and long blades of grass swaying in the breeze, you watch as the tide slowly crawls to your feet. Each wave welcoming you into a postcard paradise where you’re free to enjoy a carefree day.

In your hand is a cup of coffee that’s both bold and mellow, the perfect blend of premium-roasted dark and medium beans. Each sip is as rich and smooth as the last, and a sense of contentment overtakes you. With a beach blanket below your feet, and a white shoreline in view for miles, the harbour becomes your personal sanctuary.

It can take a long journey to arrive at perfection. Tribune Bay Blend is the coffee for those who want the best of a dark roast with medium undertones and won’t settle for anything less.

  • Organic whole bean
  • 300g biodegradable bag


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