Collection: Woash Wellness


LocalBoom’s mission is to provide you with the best natural and organic products, including teas. Woash Wellness aims to simplify your self-care regime by taking the guesswork out of giving your body what it loves - without restrictions - so you can just live and enjoy! (Because where’s the fun in "no," can't" and "shouldn't”?)

With nourishing and purposeful benefits, Woash Teas are designed to support your body’s immediate and daily needs, without confusion from unnecessary ingredients. From detoxing after last night’s wine or getting digestive relief after a lunch that was a little too heavy, to giving your brain a boost to meet tomorrow’s deadline. We simplify the process to make it easy for you to make informed decisions that will benefit and rebalance your body.

You know you best, Woash is here to bring you back into balance with every cup. Steep for 5 minutes for best results. Namaste!

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