Collection: The Village Chai


Based out of Vancouver, Canada, The Village Chai is proud to be a family-owned company that has spent generations working to perfect our own blend of masala chai. It’s now our pleasure to be able to share the delicious and healing experience of drinking our carefully crafted Authentic Masala Chai with all of you!

Each package of the Village Chai is created with the world's highest quality 100% certified organic black Kenyan tea. Our tea originates from the highlands of the Rift Valley of Kericho, Kenya, where the tropical climate and rich volcanic soils provide ideal conditions for growing what we believe is the finest, mineral-rich tea available.

Giving our chai its special sweet and spicy kick is our masala. For our masala blend, we use only 100% certified organic cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, peppercorns and cinnamon, which are all carefully sourced, both locally and abroad. These spices are hand-blended in small batches to ensure each package is fresh, perfectly balanced, and of the highest in quality.

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