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Temper + Lace

Pure soy wax wooden wick candles, beautiful essential oils, and cozy apparel - all handmade in southern Alberta (High River, to be exact!). 

We use phthalate + paraben free fragrance oils or pure essential oils in our candles to bring you the cleanest burning candles on the market. Our fragrances are never overpowering - but offer a lovely, light scent throw to gently fragrance your home. Our wooden wicks come from FSC certified mills. The soy wax is made right here in Canada - and it’s never blended with paraffin, additives, or preservatives. 

Our essential oils are sourced from all over the world. Our oils are never cut with synthetics and we test every single oil for purity before using them in our blends. Our oils are just that - oils! We do not mix them with carrier oils so they will not clog your diffuser. Our oils can be used in a variety of ways - homemade cleaning products, DIY bath + body products, in your diffuser, as room sprays - the possibilities are endless. 


temper and lace candles

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