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Hi! My name is Casey Parker and I am the Co-Founder & CEO of Sweet Nutrition. My business partner, Austin Calladine and I wanted to start this company because two of our favourite things in this life are good food, and living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, these two things tend to be somewhat contradictory to each other as good food typically isn’t that good for you…

That’s what we have set out to change. The vision that Austin and I had when we launched Sweet Nutrition was to create delicious tasting snacks with incredible ingredients. We want to create a healthier version of all the sweets, treats and snacks that individuals love and crave on a daily basis, while still remaining delicious. This allows you to enjoy your favourite foods whenever you want, without any negative effects on your body – or conscience!

It is our guarantee to you that we will never cheap out on a product. All of our items are handcrafted with the utmost love, care and detail, and each ingredient we use is of the highest possible quality. This ultimately allows the nutritional values to remain so strong while having such immaculate flavour and texture.



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Sweet Nutrition Cookies - Peanut Butter Sweet Nutrition Cookies - Peanut Butter


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