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Looking at the ingredients in my favourite luxury-brand lip gloss, and using my background in bioscience, I quickly realized all the effort I spent on being conscious as to what I was consuming, was being wasted by the countless toxic ingredients in the beauty products I was using. Research also stated that women on average consume 3.7 pounds of lip products in their lifetime, and many of the toxic ingredients found in lip products were also being found in breast cancer tumours!  These luxury products may have looked beautiful on the outside, but this was just a mask for the toxic, unnatural chemicals they were harbouring on the inside.

Upon this enlightening discovery, I decided I needed to create a healthy, natural, toxin-free product that was genuinely beautiful both inside and out. From there, Spoil Me Beautiful lip products were humbly born on my kitchen stove top after months of research and hundreds – yes, hundreds – of formulations before I finally got it right. The process took 2 years of perfecting the product to what it is today! Our formulations consist only of natural, vegan, and where available organic, ingredients. And best of all, since natural ingredients are already deemed safe for consumption, they have never been tested on animals!

Finally, after my long and passionate journey, I am so excited to share with you, natural and luxurious products that feed your beauty, from the inside out!

-Jen (Founder)

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