Collection: Nut Jar

Look, it's easy: we simply adore nuts.

With their scrumptious flavour and their plethora of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, it's no wonder why. You can find so many varieties from pecans to pistachios and beyond.

Till now, however, there were few ways to enjoy their unique taste, with some recipes being overly sugary - not to mention maddening! That's why we created NutJar - to ensure nuts stay at the forefront in all recipes.

Consisting of nut butters, spreads and both raw and roasted nuts, you can enjoy nutritious snacks not detrimental to your health. NutJar has been transforming breakfast and dessert with its all-natural range of versatile nut products that you can savour with any meal. Spread, dip, spoon it - the possibilities are boundless.

Nonetheless, it's the remarkable lengths we go to when researching our ingredients and production methods that set us apart. We source only the freshest and highest quality nuts.

Buy Nut Butters at The Local Boom Gift Shop in Vancouver, BC for All Canadian Brands.