Collection: Lares Candle Co.

Hi everyone, my name is Mihail, the creator of Lares Candle Co. I love candles, creating home fragrances, and coming up with new exciting products. 

Making candles runs in my family. My grandma used to make tapered candles for her church. I fondly remember sitting next to her, watching every candle being poured. I loved the smell of beeswax and was fascinated by the speed with which the wax turned solid. 

Because I’m passionate about the environment and sustainability, I worked hard to find the best ingredients and materials that will not harm nature. Made of all-natural wax and fragrances, my candles are hand-poured in small batches. I use artisanal glass, that is handmade in Portugal using traditional methods. Each glass vessel is unique and can be repurposed after your candle has lived its life. 

Lares candles are made with the best quality ingredients. Each scent contains 10s of notes put together with precision to create an experience. These subtle scents will give your home a lovely vibe.