InstaCake Cards - Cake in a Card

My love of food emerged early as a baker at age 6 trying to convince my first food critics/aka my two brothers to eat my creations. “No really, they’re dee-licious” I would tell them! As I grew, my interests and abilities translated into an education in Food Technology then working with one of the largest frozen food suppliers in Europe before taking the leap into life as an entrepreneur. 

What if I could send a cake mix with a card? Was that even possible? Two years later I’m thrilled to report that it is! Introducing the InstaCake Card!

Clever in design, easy to make anywhere with just a few tablespoons of water and a minute in a microwave – now people can have their cake in a card and eat it too!

But for me it had to be more than a novelty – it had to be a celebration in a box. Now when someone receives the card, they make the cake, blow out the candle and share it on our social media platforms. Everyone gets to share in the moment!

 instacake cards cake in a card 
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