Incense Republic

Why hand-dipped incense? It’s one of the ways the maker of this beautiful incense can put something good into the world.

Your space needs to be a haven. You want your space to be real and relevant. Just like a republic, your space needs to represent you. Make your fragrances reflect the intentionality of your space.

Incense has been used through the centuries, and as you burn incense, it’s a connection through the ages. It’s central to worship, meditation, and grounding.

Think of the finger trails of smoke reaching up, tangling, and untangling in a delicate web. The smouldering scented smoke adds a depth of fragrance to the air while seeming to link heaven and earth with its tendrils. Incense is meant to lift prayers, to ward off the bad, and to invite the good. We hope you’ll make it part of your personal revolution and let it represent the place you call yours.

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